Public Space.

Schiller offers a range of products designed to make potable water readily available in public spaces.

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Attractive Design

Schiller offers a complete range of sturdy but aesthetically pleasing drinking fountains suitable for outdoor use. Their designs are curved so as to offer as much safety as possible to the general public.

Easy To Maintain

Featuring clean lines, their simple form facilitates maintenance and installation requires only a permanent mains water supply (if supplied for outdoor use).


Designed to minimise the risk of infection arising from general public use and offering easy maintenance and cleaning procedures, the range gives the utmost importance to hygiene.

Schiller Public Space

A hygienic sip of clean water

The Schiller range makes potable water sources available to the general public through sturdy and easy-to-use drinking fountains whether indoors in offices, concert halls, transport centres etc. or outdoors in public spaces.

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More Accessories

schiller acccessories sanitaryware


Produced from a variety of grade 304 and 316 stainless steel sheet and tube; SCHILLER sanitaryware has been designed to reflect and satisfy the diverse applications in which the range is utilised
schiller acccessories taps and mixers

Taps & Mixers

SCHILLER offers high specification, electronic and/or manual taps, mixers and showers from leading European producers. Designed and manufactured to meet the differing demands of all applications.
schiller acccessories restricted mobility

Restricted Mobility

SCHILLER takes the functional and practical design and comfort of this important range to new heights whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing look.
schiller acccessories janitorial


Ever conscious of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the SCHILLER range, the janitorial products provide the necessary equipment to meet these essential requirements.

Schiller Solutions

Schiller Washroom Catalogue 2021

The Schiller Washroom Catalogue is dedicated to construction, renovation and interior design professionals and specifically targets washroom, shower room, toilet and changing room areas.

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