Schiller Shower Cubicles

The Simple Pleasures of Life

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Made to Measure

To Customer Needs

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All Schiller shower cubicles are manufactured to comply with our customers’ specific requirements to ensure complete satisfaction.

Unique Design

Wide Colour Palette

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Using the wide range of colors available, coordinating the Schiller shower cubicle range with an overall color scheme within the washroom or similar location is easy/

Easy and Quick

Assembly & Installation

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Comprehensive assembly and installation instructions facilitate the exemplary fitting of Schiller shower cubicles.


Panelling & Doors

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All Schiller panels and doors will resist aggressive liquid attacks thanks to their manufacture using 100% waterproof solid compact laminate (CL).

schiller shower cubicles steps

Component Specification

Classic Design with curtains or doors

Shower cubicles are made in the very same way as toilet cubicles except that they tend to be wider and shallower. They are very robust and waterproof and can be provided with a variety of different kinds of drainage gullies. Colours available are the same as those of toilet cubicles. Featured in these cubicles are wall-mounted waterproof folding shower seats and stainless steel shower panels.

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Layout Configurations

SCHILLER Shower cubicles can be configured into different layouts as indicated below. (They are available with the open sector for urinals, full door, curtain and ‘cutaway’ doors for children’s use).

Between Walls

Single cubicle between walls with single entry/exit door.


Similar to between walls (1) but with fixed side and back wall and positioned laterally against the side wall to allow the entry/exit door in the outer partition wall.
schiller shower layout


One fixed back and side wall with sturdy dividing partitions providing multiple cubicles, each with its entry/exit door.


Fixed back wall with sturdy dividing partitions providing multiple cubicles, each with its entry/exit door


All metal components are non-ferrous and are therefore non-corrosive. The framework is made from grade 316 stainless steel tubing providing high resistance to acidic or alkaline based cleaning agent attacks. Cubicles can be supplied in 2 size options : up to 1550mm deep and 840mm wide or up to 1825mm deep and 900mm wide.


% Satisfaction


% Waterproof


Different Finishes


Stainless Steel

Schiller Washroom Catalogue 2021

The Schiller Washroom Catalogue is dedicated to construction, renovation and interior design professionals and specifically targets washroom, shower room, toilet and changing room areas.

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Schiller Accessories



Produced from a variety of grade 304 and 316 stainless steel sheet and tube; SCHILLER sanitaryware has been designed to reflect and satisfy the diverse applications in which the range is utilised.
taps and mixers

Taps & Mixers

SCHILLER offers high specification, electronic and/or manual taps, mixers and showers from leading European producers. Designed and manufactured to meet the differing demands of all applications.
restricted mobility

Restricted Mobility

SCHILLER takes the functional and practical design and comfort of this important range to new heights whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing look.
janitorial sluice units


Ever conscious of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the SCHILLER range, the janitorial products provide the necessary equipment to meet these essential requirements.
public space

Public Space

Stressing the need for hygiene and tidiness in products being used by the public at large, the SCHILLER public space range offers well designed, eye-catching and easily maintained products for various applications.

Video Presentation

A highly relevant presentation of the Schiller Washroom range, its commitment to the highest quality materials, its ingenious but user-friendly designs, its resilient construction and, above all, its determination to meet our customers’ requirements for toilet and washroom systems whether for commercial, educational, institutional or special needs applications.